Mini World Tweaks

Plugin packs to enhance your Mini World experience.

# What is this?

Mini World Tweaks is a website with plugin packs made specifically to enhance and tweak the game behavior.

It works on every version and every platform, it's open source and free!

# Where do I start?

Check out the Download section to select your flavor. After you've downloaded the plugin pack, extract it into your `mods` folder:

  • Windows (downloaded from the website) is %appdata%\miniworlddata410\data\mods
  • Mobile is miniplay/com.playmini.miniworld/data/mods

The next thing is to boot up the game, make a world and add the plugin pack.

# How do I hack this?

The website is being hosted by NeoCities and its source can be found at the Mini World Tweaks GitHub organization.

All the plugin packs are made using Plug, a framework for creating Plugins using Lua or MoonScript. Each source code can be found at the GitHub repo.

# Who made this?

mrtnpwn ( - website, plugin packs code